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thumb staffan johanssonDirector Of Academy

Staffan Johansson is one of the most respected European coaches and from 2018 he is also the Head Coach of the Czech national team. His career started at the Swedish club Motola GC as Head PRO, where he managed to raise many juniors. In 1990 he became an assistant to the first Swedish professional team. All eight members of the team made it to the European Tour … Another long stop in his career was in Iceland - as the head coach of the national team. He again, managed to get two players to the European Tour and Iceland moved to the 4th place in the EATC rankings. The last stop before the Czech Republic was with the Finnish Golf Union as Head Coach. The Finnish junior team has managed to raise many players who are regular ET and LET participants.

In addition to his work, he has achieved many successes in individual coaching. He was a personal coach of Pierre Fulke, who was a member of the winning European Ryder Cup team in 2002. In 2007 he began training Oskar Henningsson, who won the Czech Open in Čeladná in 2009.


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Time Non memberMember
25 min. group 1 - 2 900,- CZK 750,- CZK
50 min. group 1 - 2 1.800,- CZK 1.500,- CZK

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