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 Mistrovství Albatross Golf Clubu Match Play 2022


1. Competition description: 

Match play acording to the rules of golf played withtout handicap. Tournament is a play-off format played on 18 holes. In case of a tie after 18 holes, the game continues from hole 1 until one wins.

Range finders: Yes               Caddy: Yes                           Buggy: No

2. Categories: men and women

3. Golf course and tees: Albatross Golf Resort, men from yellow tees, women from red tees.

4. Requirements for entry: The club's championship is intended only for members of the Albatross Golf Club, only amateur players can start. Only players who have registered by May 8, 2020 at 12:00 by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in person at the reception or on the form on the club's notice board can be included in the spider's club championship.

The maximum number of entries is limited to 32 men and 16 women. In the case of a higher number of registered (32/16), the lower current HCP decides. A regular member over the age of 14 can apply. Half of the registered players will be deployed according to the HCP, the other half will be drawn. The draw for the pairs will take place on 9. 5. 2020.

The dates of individual rounds of the competition are set as follows:

Men (32/16/8 players):

1. round(32):       10. 5. –   12. 6. 2022  

2. round (16):       13. 6. –   10. 7. 2022

3. round (8):         11. 7. –  7.8. 2022

Semifinal:             8. 8. – 1. 8. 2022

FINAL (2):            do 9. 9. 2022


Women (16/8 players):

1. kolo (8):          10. 5. –   10. 7. 2022

2. kolo (4):          11. 7. – 7. 8. 2022

Semifinal:           8. 8. - 1. 9. 2022

FINÁLE (2):         do 9. 9. 2022

The bracket of the Albatross matchplay is constantly updated on our website and will also be posted on the club board at the reception.

How to challange your opponent: The challenger is always the player with the higher handicap. The challenger is obliged to ensure the reservation of start times. The challenger is obliged to report the date and time of the match in advance to the competition committee by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person at the club reception. In the event that the players are unable to agree on a match date, the challenger may apply to the competition committee, which will set a match date, no later than 7 days before the end date of the round. The competition committee determines the date and time of the match so that all matches in individual rounds are played on the announced dates. The Competition Committee may also set an alternative date for the match in the event that it does not take place for serious or unforeseeable reasons. You will get contact with your opponent in the sent automatic email.

No-shows or unfinished matches: If a player does not start the agreed match for reasons other than serious ones, he loses by default and his opponent automatically advances to the next round. If the challenger does not prompt the called party, the called party will proceed automatically. If neither player enters the match, they are both automatically eliminated from the competition.

Results reporting: Before the match, players will receive a stamped score card at the reception. Immediately after the match, the players report the result of the match at the club reception - they hand in a score card with clearly recorded results. The result card must clearly state the result on each hole played, the final result of the match and the score card must be signed by both players.

Men bracket - here

Women bracket - here

Dispute resolution: Individual matches take place without the physical presence of the referee. Players resolve any disputes in accordance with Rule 2-5 of the applicable Golf Rules.

Starting fee: The entry fee is not paid for individual matches.

Award ceremony: The first players in each category will be announced and will receive commemorative trophies. The winners of the categories will become the Club Champion and Matchplay Champion in 2022 and their names will be engraved on the commemorative club cups. The ceremonial announcement of the results of the matchplay championship will take place as part of the announcement of the Club stoke Championship.

The competition committee reserves the right to make technical changes or additions to the tournament announcement.

Tournament Director: Stanislav Lisner    Head referee: Petr Suchan      Referee: specific for the playing day

Tournament comittee: Stanislav Lisner, Petr Suchan, Václav Lébl