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Albatross Golf Resort has built an academy of performance players who will participate in team competitions hosted by Czech Golf Federation (CGF). Members of this team also compete in individual competitions, where they often fight for the leading positions.

Men’s Team

Men’s team won the 2nd league in 2020 and thanks to that advanced to the 1st league. Furthermore, thanks to the new sport membership the team has grown and gained some great players – Hynek Groh, Vaclav Tichý, Filip Ráža and many more. The team is led by captain Maritn Holub and the goal is to advance even further to Extra league.

Women’s team

The women’s team has also grown for the 2021 season, as it has been joined by Natalie Saint Germain, Sofia and Sara Dimitrova and many more. Likewise, the men’s team, the ultimate goal is to advance to Extra league, however women are now in the 2nd league at this point.

Junior teams

Among the important team competitions hosted by CGF are ones in the U14, U16 and U18 categories. Also, in these events will Albatross have a strong presence. Each team has two coaches from Albatross Golf Resort who will accompany our player for each event as captains. 


Under 18 teams are led by coach David Carter and Vladmir Gregor


Under 16 teams are led by Peter Nič and Milan Vantuch


Under 14 teams are led by Marek Novy and Denisa Sobotková

Professional Team

Albatross Golf Resort also supports numerous professional players – Julien Brun, Michal Pospíšil and Jakub Bareš. Julien Brun is a Challenge Tour player who often plays at European Tour events as well. Michal Pospišil and Jakub Bareš play mainly on the Pro Golf Tour. The goal of this support is to help these players to reach a playing cards at the European Tour. 


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