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Dear golfers,

you will all be glad to know that the work on the fairways is drawing to a close!!!! With all fairways now sandslitted in two direction they are definitely a lot firmer under foot and draining well after rain.

removace fervejiTo finish the process we are lightly verticutting the surface to help level the surface and open up the grass to allow seed to get in contact with the soil. This ensures the best results when seeding and provides smooth fairways
We are then seeding in 3 directions for a total of 30g of seed per meter. A new seed mix has been chosen to perform better in the Prague climate. It will help us maintain quality fairways during the whole year without becoming overly soft through irrigation and thatch build up. This newer seed is well suited to the cold winter and dry summers which have taken place over the last few years.
And finally a light layer of sand is added to further level the surface and protect the seed.
All in all a very long process but worth the effort in the long run!!!!


Project totals:

Sand slitting: 1 350 tonnes of sand
Seeding: 5 tonnes of seed
Top-dressing: 500 tonnes of sand

To share more news directly from the golf course, we have created a new section for you: "Greenkeeper's Corner", which can be found in the Course section on our website.



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