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When the season comes

Will you be prepared? Winter this year is colder and many of us are busy with winter sports, but what about when the time comes to tee it up on the first hole and hit the fairway? What can you do to prepare for this moment?


AlbatrossWinter2Hobby player’s off-season

If you consider yourself to be a hobby golfer, chances are your clubs are locked away during these months. There are although many possibilities to turn the unpleasant weather into your favor. Of course the first thing that comes to mind are indoor practice facilities, where you can work on your swing comfortably, or even try virtual golf on one of the simulators. Winter months are definitely the best time to improve your swing, but there are other possibilities as well.

“Winter time is a good opportunity to access your season. What you did well and what you would like to improve for next season. Practicing indoors gives you an opportunity to be more focused on improving your technique rather than making the best score.” David Carter, Albatross Head Pro

Time spent working on your fitness can be just as beneficial. Try to remember the last round of golf you have played. Was your last swing just as good as the first? Fatigue has major impact on golfers performance. Winter is therefore an excellent opportunity for improvement. Your basic endurance, trained by cardio exercises in low heart rate zones will help stabilize your performance throughout the round. Strengthening your core muscles and other stability workouts will be helpful when your coach gives you new tasks in your swing.

AlbatrossWinter4Professional golfer

The idea of winter is very different, when it comes to tournament professionals. But there are similarities to be found, especially when it comes to fitness training. The pro has two basic goals. One would be to optimize the swing and the other working on the body. Even though during tournament season players spend most time honing their short game, in the off-season they very often split their time evenly between the two goals mentioned. There are options to work with specialized fitness coaches who focus on those muscles, which are needed the most in a golf swing. Very often these are dynamic exercises, quite different from traditional weightlifting in the gym. Overall the training is very intense during winter months, because the tournament season starts as early as January. One of these professionals is Michal Pospisil, proudly flying the Albatross flag at the Pro Golf Tour.

“For a typical Czech golfer, the winter can seem endless. Should I not be at the tournaments already though, I would spend this time training key areas, which are tough to improve during the season. I think it is also a good time to practice for those who are too busy with their jobs, so they hardly have any time to practice during the season.” Michal Pospisil, Albatross Playing Pro

Winter golf holidays

By far the best way to deal with winter, of course, is to leave our country for someplace warm. Plan these golfing trips and in the meantime work indoors on those key areas of your technique and fitness. Then you have the best of both worlds. One of the top destinations for winter golf is definitely Dubai. Selection of courses is world class over there, both quality and prestige wise. Some of the courses to play would be Jumeirah Golf Estate, it’s Earth Course hosts the Race to Dubai final tournament, Emirates Golf Club or Dubai Creek, the two latter being fresh addition’s to the European Tour Properties portfolio. For those who look further from home the possibilities are endless. We can recommend for example the Chinese Genzon Golf Club. Members of Albatross golf club have many benefits that allow them to play top courses around the world for a discounted price. So do not hesitate to travel now, because Albatross is going to open soon, for you to play.