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Golf lesson like no other

Are you questioning yourself sometimes, whether you want to pay the coach for watching you hit balls? Is there not a more effective way?

AlblogAka2HWhy is the 50-minute format so popular?

If you have ever asked yourself, whether this traditional format of golf lesson is the right one, read further. This way of practice can be very ineffective and often frustrating to the player and the coach alike, for various reasons. You walk up to an anticipated lesson and spend the first quarter just trying to figure out together what should you focus on. Then you will find the solution and for the rest of the class the coach watches you play and makes a comment now and then. It is not like this all the time, but most of us have experience something similar. Albatross golf academy is bringing two new cards to this table. They are called “speed lesson” and “group lesson”.

AlblogAka3SI should tee off in 15-minutes and I keep hooking it

The first addition in our academy is going to be a so-called “Speed lesson”. A quick fifteen minute lesson, when you and the coach focus on the key thing to get you going before a game of golf. The topic is derived from you particular problem in that moment. It can be a swing tip, the use of routine to calm you down or even a putting practice to help you adjust to the speed of the greens. You will pay the coach 1/3 of his normal lesson price and right after the lesson you can collect the result on the golf course. It is the right lesson and right when you need it.

I've been struggling from the bunkers for a few years

AlblogAka1HThis is a typical reason, which would make you sign up for the “Group lesson”. Regular lessons that focus on key areas of the game, would fit mostly a player that is keen to learn something new about a topic that is of interest to him or one that he struggles at. Bunker play is mentioned just to give you an idea. You can find out that the next seminar is focusing on bump and run chipping, after signing up you, along with other players, go over the theory and practical examples as well as practice for yourself.

New coaching formats will be available at Albatross academy very soon. Whether you have little spare time or a keen learner, you should try the Speed and Group lessons. Because why should you pay for time that is not spent on your improvement?