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On Saturday 18th of May, we have held the second group lesson, Meet, Greet and Learn. If you are interested in finding out what went down, read more.

MGL2bloghead2This time the lesson was open for public

We have organized the first group lesson right after the easter holiday. Topic was short game, specifically the different methods of chipping and pitching and it was for the Albatross Golf Resort members only. Using the experience we got from the first lesson, both from our members and the coaches involved, we have prepared a second event. This time we looked at putting. It is a key area of the game, yet very few players actually practice putting, therefore losing precious shots. The aim of the lesson was to show the player how to get better at putting and what it takes to do so.

MGL2blogsmall3Why Meet and what is Greet?

A typical golf lesson is led by one coach and is a 50 minute block of practice only. The idea behind Meet, Greet and Learn is not only to improve your game, but bring people together, meet other players or new coaches. The Saturday lesson was taught by the Head Pro of Albatross academy David Carter, Jan Juhaniak, Vladimir Gregor and Brian Carter. David has taken care of the introduction as well as the summary of the whole lesson. The advantage of a group lesson is that you can have a wide variety of players working together with coaches in order to improve.

You can already sign up for the next one

We would like to continue with the group lessons and the next Meet, Greet and Learn. It will take place on Saturday the 1st of June, starting at 2PM. This time we will go through and out of bunkers. To make the lesson as smoothly going as possible, we will separate the lesson this time into two 1-hour long blocks of ten players. Should you be interested in this topic, please do sign up at the reception of Albatross Golf Resort, personally, or via telephone. The price for a member is 350,- / non-member 500,-. We will inform you who will be teaching as soon as possible via web or social media, so make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram. UPDATE: David Carter and Vladimír Gregor are going to be in charge of the lesson.

MGL2bloghead3If you have any questions regarding Meet, Greet & Learn, or you wish to give us feedback on the previous events, please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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