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In this episode of the „Greenkeepers Corner“ we are going to explain to you how to keep water in soil with the use of wetting agent.

AlbaBlogGC5H1Secret moisturizing agent

Nowadays one of the main tasks of a greenkeeper at a top quality golf course is to use water efficiently. With lower annual rainfall, in order to keep the course green certain precautions need to be made. We have already told you in the previous „Corner“, that the water reservoir has been enlarged by 30% during the winter. The role of wetting agents has, until now, primarily been to prevent and cure dry patch or to move water through the soil surface and into the root zone. However, with water an increasingly important resource, wetting agents are taking on new roles to improve water conservation, turf health and overall turf quality that can enhance the playing experience.

AlbaBlogGC5S1EnRetain moisture, but how?

Of course it’s water that’s the key ingredient, hydrating the plant through it’s up-take, taking with it water-soluble nutrients. But take a grass surface such as a golf green and nature alone cannot keep this in perfect playing condition. Wetting agents can form an important part of any treatment programme helping to ensure that water and other nutrients are reaching the entire root system - helping nature do its work. Polymers, sometimes referred to as block co-polymers, are far larger molecules that effectively bond water molecules onto soil particles and can therefore hold more moisture in the profile that would otherwise dry out quicker.

AlbaBlogGC5H2Keep the course hydrated

Golf is much more enjoyable when played on a well-kept and top quality golf course. The location of our golf course, just outside of Prague guarantees mild weather, yet less rainy. In order to maintain a certain standard in an age where drought is more and more present, precautions need to be taken. With regular use of wetting agent program, both penetrants and polymers, Ben Lovett can keep the course at Albatross well hydrated and in excellent form.


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