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Invitation to the club championship

We are pleased to invite our members to the annual club championship which will take place from 11th to 12th of September. As traditional, there will be refreshments and food throughout the tournament and it will all end with a prize giving ceremony.

Tournament will have two main categories – men and women. For more specific info and registration please visit CGF server here. You may also register at the club reception or by phone.

Dedicated category will be for our juniors under 14 years. This tournament has its separate page at CGF here.


11th September (Saturday)  
From 9:00 am Start from Tee 1 (Men from yellows, women from reds)
12th September (Sunday)  
From 8:00 am Breakfast in the clubhouse
From 9:00 am  Start from Tee 1 (Men from whites, women from blues    
After play Lunch in the clubhouse
Approx. 4:00 pm Prize-giving ceremony


We look forward to see you at the championship

Kindest regards,

Albatross Golf Resort Team