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We know the club champions for 2021

Traditional club championship took place last weekend 11th to 12th of September. Total of 43 player played in 2 main categories and one for juniors under 14. Leaders went really low.

Stroke play championship

Saturday was from “easier” yellow tees; however the difficulty was made up on the greens. Despite the fact, many players manager to go low. The best score on Saturday came from David Tomi with 65 and the second lowest was Václav Tichý with 70.

Among women the best one on Saturday was Klara Sionková when she finished with amazing 69 strokes. She was closely followed by Adela Tarantová with 71 strokes.

Sunday was played from harder white tees, however this time the pins were little bit easier. Václav Tichý nearly copied David Tomi’s first round result and carded 65 strokes. David however confirmed his form and finished with 67. David Tomi became the ALBGC champion for 2021!

Václav Tichý finished second (70-66) and third was our defending champion Cesar de Ghouy (75-75).

Men didn’t see any change in in the leading position, however women did. Klara Sionková struggled on Sunday and Adelá Tarantová didnt hesitate. Adelá Tarantová became the ALBGC champion for 2021 with scores of 71 and 76!

Klara Sionková finished second (69-80) and Danieal Součková third (81-80).

Stabelford category was open to all members regardless of handicap. Martina Borunová became the ALBGC champion after getting 49 and 50 points! Second place was for David Tomi and third for Daniela Součková. 

The U14 category was won by Jiří Musil, who played 78 and 72 strokes.  Ondřej Doležal finished second with 75 and 77 and Patrick de Ghouy came third with 96 and 89.


Matchplay championship

Alongside of finding out the stroke play champions, we uncovered the matchplay ones too. Cesar de Ghouy beat Lukaš Kessler in the final and won his 6th title in the last 7 years of this competition!

The women chamipon became Klara Sionková, who beat Marta Spurná in the final. Klará won the matchplay championship for the third time!


Congratulation to all the winners and thanks to our members for joining in the championship.