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Printed Albatross Voucher for Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching, and this year we are also offering gift vouchers. You can buy vouchers in our e-shop and we offer vouchers in electronic form, or you can choose the option of a printed voucher delivered to your address.

Cross country closes season

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On Saturday 12/11, the last tournament of this season took place at Albatross. It was the traditional Cross Country made up of non-traditional holes prepared by the professional Jan Juhaniak. We would like to thank him in this way for working with us on this. The weather was great and there was a great mood in every group.

End of the season at Albatross

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Due to the weather forecast and morning frosts, this season will officially end on Sunday 13 Oct 2022. In case of good weather, just like last year, we plan to open the course for given weekends. We will inform you about this in time.

The driving range will remain open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. At least until the end of November, the reception at the driving range will be open, where you can buy balls or small snacks. Since this week, infrared radiators have been installed, which will certainly make training in low temperatures more pleasant.

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