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How does the fitting looks like at Golfcentrum?

At Golfcentrum, we follow 4 main steps during fitting. Those steps are interview, try-out, recommendation and obtaining data from your fitting.

By working with our specialists educated in both swing technique and equipment, you can expect to be a part of a very interesting and educational process about your game. 

For successful and high-quality fitting, it is necessary to be as honest as possible with your fitter. Imagine a situation – you have a toothache so you go to a dentist. You explain your troubles to him, which tooth hurts and how you feel. The dentist will then check the tooth, explain the issue, suggests correct treatment and provides it. Similarly it goes with fitting. The only difference is that here we are not talking about a problem, but about pleasure. From the role of the patient (client) you rather become our friend whom we provide help with his game.

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After arrival at the fitting, we will need to find out as much information about your golf game as possible. You will fill out a questionnaire with questions about your HCP, height, playtime, amount of playing, your golf goals, what you expect from fitting, your biggest weakness, etc.

The fitter will then check your current clubs to get an idea about the equipment you have been playing with so far and discuss how you feel about them. 

After discussing your goals and expectations from fitting, the next steps and their course will be explained to you. After that, we are ready to move on to the more fun part, which is trying out of the new clubs.


All of the information obtained will be interpreted to you during your try-out. Feel free to ask anything that may not be clear – after all, it is your game and your clubs!

To obtain as accurate information as possible, you will need to “warm-up” first. Then you will be acquainted with the requirements to make the measuring effective. To find the most suitable equipment for you, the fitter will measure your game with your current clubs which will provide him with a stepping-stone in choosing the right strategy to meet your goals.

Next and probably the most fun part is trying out different combinations and varieties of club heads and shafts. You will be guided through the whole process and our fitter will explain why you are trying this type of club, what kind of effect you can expect etc.

This process takes up a lot of shots, so do not be ashamed to take a break, chit-chat with your fitter or refresh yourself. The fitting is a joyful process and its goal is to be sure that the clubs we will choose are the ones.


In the almost last step, you will get a recommendation with all of the possibly most suitable equipment listed to help you meet your goals. Now it is up to you to decide whether this variation is the one, or if there is something that may not be perfect, even the colour of the shaft.

Obtaining the measurement data golf club heads

After mutual approval of our fitted equipment, you will get a printed list of all the measurements and the club’s specifications. 

Now you know what to expect. If you think you do not need fitting or you are not a good enough player to get fitting, it is not true. We are here to help you find the best equipment just for you. 

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