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Similarly to traffic rules, downhill skiing rules or even rules of fine dining, golf also observes certain common etiquette. Some aspects of this ‘etiquette’ are known to everyone, other aspects only to those who play golf regularly and there are some practices which are peculiar to particular clubs or resorts. Below you will find a set of rules applicable to Albatross Golf Resort. We would kindly ask you to respect these rules in your own interest as well as in the interest of other players who have decided to spend a pleasant day playing the noble game of golf. Thank you and enjoy your round!

We ask you to adhere to the following rules when at the golf course:

  • It is not allowed to enter the golf course or training areas in other than proper golfing attire - smart trousers, knee length shorts, polo shirts and skirts etc. Jeans and T-shirts without collars are not allowed.
  • Arrive at the 1st hole’s tee-off post 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled tee time
  • Cover your divots both at tee-off posts and practice areas
  • Repair your divots in the fairway
  • Repair your ball marks on the green
  • Follow the “no practice swing” rule at tee-off posts
  • Do not drive golf carts through roughs
  • Follow the minimum 5 metre rule distance between the cart and the green
  • Always rake sand bunkers after hitting
  • Follow the rules on information stands around the golf course
  • Always follow the instructions given by the marshal


Recommended golfing attire: long pants, knee-long shorts, skirts, polo or cover-up shirts (for women, also in a sleeveless model)

Prohibited items of clothing: denim jeans, women’s tops other than golf shirts and men’s collarless shirts

Not complying with these requirements may result in:

  • One month ban from the course for a club member.
  • A non-member visitor will be excluded from the golf course.


The optimum play time is 4 ½ hours or less. To keep the optimum tempo, follow the marshal’s instructions given using signal flags:

Thank you for your cooperation.