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The Local Rules serve as a supplement to the Rules of Golf valid in a given year. They specify the signage used on the course, objects and buildings on the course and sometimes situations that may arise during play. Their main function is to speed up play by eliminating the need for lengthy consultation of the Rules of Golf or the assistance of marshals or referees. By reading the following, you can help speed up the game for yourself and other golfers and make your round a more enjoyable experience!

The handicap limit on our course is 45.

Dogs are not allowed on the golf course.

The boundaries of the course are marked by:

  • Electric fence posts
  • White posts or white lines

The inner out of bounds area is marked by white posts between holes 17 and 18 and is only to be considered when playing hole 17. When playing hole 18, the white stakes are regarded as immovable obstacles.

Water hazards – marked by yellow or red (side water hazard) stakes or lines.

Drop zone – on the 4th and 7th holes (Please refer to Rules of Golf, Appendix I, Part A, Paragraph 6).

Ground Under Repair (G.U.R.) – marked by blue posts or white lines.

Immovable obstacles:

  • All information boards
  • Benches, litter bins, golf ball washers, artificially surfaced fairways and stone walls lining the fairways, bridges.
  • Wooden railings
  • All parts of the irrigation system
  • Distance markers on short cuts
  • All trees with supporting poles or ropes and all shrubs up to 1.5 metres in height, water bowls for all newly planted trees and shrub groups with bark applied.
  • Electricity poles, steps over the electric fence barrier
  • WC, clock stands at the starter's box and the starter's box.

Movable obstacles:

  • All information signs
  • All posts except those marking the boundaries of the golf course i.e. distance, water, GUR
  • Stones in the bunkers, ropes and rubber bands around the greens and along the fairways.

We kindly ask you:

  • Not to enter the rough, approach, out-of-bounds and areas between bunkers and the green with your trolley.
  • Do not drive your buggies onto the rough, approaches, out-of-bounds or between the bunkers and the green. Drive only on the semi-rough and if you must enter the fairway with your buggy, please do so at a 90 degree angle, drive only on designated paths and follow directional signs when driving between holes.

Please replace divots and repair tee marks.
Please fill the divots on the tees.
Keep the course clean and tidy.

The ideal time for a round of golf at Albatross is 4.5 hours or less. Please follow the instructions of the marshals as indicated by the coloured flags:

All distance markers are in metres from the front of the green.

Please leave the course in better condition than you found it!

Thank you for your assistance!