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Dear golfers,

Due to the cancellation of the European Tour event in August we are going to change our usual early July maintenance program slightly to ensure we disturb golf as little as possible. To do this we will stretch the whole program out over the whole month rather than heavy topdressing and aeration to the whole course in the first week. All the work will be fairly light and recovery can be expected in several days. Program:  Greens, June 29/30, Approaches, July 7/8 Fairways, July 13-24.  

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your visit.

As part of our environmental program we have been working with a world leading expert on improving the water quality in our lakes and rivers here at Albatross. Over the years nutrient levels have increased leading to a decline in water quality leading to murky water with outbreaks of foam and algae.

Or should I say lack of spring, since opening the weather has been incredible with numerous warm dry days perfect for golf. With this weather the irrigation system has been in overdrive and plenty of water has been used. Compared to last year we have received half the rain and had to use an huge amount of water more to keep up with water loss to the wind and temperature drying out the course.

The good new is the course has survived winter and is in good shape for the 2018 season. Every type of weather has been thrown at us and it seemed like winter was dragging on for an age until all of a sudden we have been blessed with the recent glorious weather.

Since the course has been closed in November the green keeping team and other contractors have been busy preparing the course for this season with numerous improvements.

This time we will concentrate on our greens. Over the years a percentage of undesirable Poa Annua has crept into the greens and in the last few months steps have been made in reversing this issue leading to better performing surfaces year round.

It’s been a busy start to the year for the green keeping team preparing the course for the upcoming season and so far the weather has been good enabling the team to get plenty done.

Dear golfers,

you will all be glad to know that the work on the fairways is drawing to a close!!!! With all fairways now sandslitted in two direction they are definitely a lot firmer under foot and draining well after rain.


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