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As part of our environmental program we have been working with a world leading expert on improving the water quality in our lakes and rivers here at Albatross. Over the years nutrient levels have increased leading to a decline in water quality leading to murky water with outbreaks of foam and algae.

A decision was made to treat these issues using natural processes. A product has been applied to remove the build up of nutrients and cause it to flux and fall to the bottom of the lakes. Over the winter months several of the lakes were drained and all the sediment was removed and fresh water was added. Bacteria is then brewed for several days and the added to the water where it further multiplies with another humid product which aides this and includes a dye to stop the UV light causing algae blooms.

As part of our daily operations several steps are now being made to ensure the lakes stay in perfect conditions.

Organic matter being removed e.g grass, plant material, etc. Reduction in fertiliser and pesticide use Planting beneficial plants Removing certain fish Yearly sedge removal program

This plan will lead to pure quality water where wildlife will flourish and in the longterm it will benefit the golf course grass.


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