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If you broke 100 it´s time to break 90. Are you going on the driving range, but you don´t have results on the course? It´s time to look deeper into your game. Our coaches will help you improve your game and unlock your true potential.

Do you think breaking 100 shots is your magic number, which seems impossible to break. Every time you are so close to achieving it but faulter? Contact us and we will find the points in your game that will help you to achieve your goal.

The popular golf lessons with our Lady coaches at Albatross Golf Academy, for maximum of 4 ladies.

With regular trainings you will master all aspects of the game, increase your physical efficiency and improve your overall skills. You will be able to test what you have learned over 9 Holes on our exclusive golf course with our coaches.

Do you belong to a group of people, who gained a handicap in the past, but you didn´t have time to focus on golf or you found it too difficult? Would you like to give this beautiful game another chance? Then this course is exactly for you.

This course is for beginners to achieve HCP 54 and thanks to this, play on the golf course. The content of the course is basics of the golf swing, rules, ethics and playing on the course. The course includes 12 lessons with a trainer, renting of golf clubs, free use of driving range and course is completed by 2 hours play on our exclusive golf course.


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