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Louis Klein awarded the best U13

On Saturday, December 17, the traditional evening of czech golf took place, where the best domestic golfers were recognized in several categories. Among others, Jiří Zuska and Denisa Vodičková were awarded the golfers of the year, to whom we congratulate. Our Louis Klein was awarded Senior Pupil of the Year for Albatross.

Young Louis placed 6th in the overall Official Amateur Ranking of the CGF, and he was the best placed player from Albatross in this category as well. Congratulations to Louis on this award and we look forward to next year.

However, Albatross was not lost in the other categories either! Natálie Saint Germain took third place in the women's rankings, David Tomi took second place in the rankings among juniors, and Matouš Zach was second in cadets. Patrik Jeřicha took second place in Mid-Amateurs.

Congratulations to our players for a great 2022 season and we look forward to 2023.