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Winter work at the Albatross golf course

We are bringing back the „Greenkeeper’s Corner“, a series of articles featuring the head greenkeeper Ben Lovett, an insight into what is going on behind the scenes at Albatross.

AlbablogH1In this first episode, we will talk about what is going on at the golf course during the off-season.
A lot of work is happening during the course of winter at Albatross golf course. Even though the location is playing in our favor, not having so much snowfall this close to Prague, there are still certain precautions that need to be taken.

Putting the greens to sleep

During the winter the greens receive special attention to protect them from any stress. This involves fungicide, seaweed and iron applications to help prevent any disease whilst the grass is under snow.
On top of this is an aeration program so that the snow-melt drains quickly preventing the formation of ice. Topdressing of sand, which is something we will go into deeper later in the Greenkeeper’s Corner, to help insulate the plant and keep it warm and protected

Albablog4Work on the course

Over the winter several projects have taken place to improve the overall quality of Albatross Golf Resort. The biggest project for players, would be the new short game area, that we have already mentioned in the previous article "what to expect in 2019". Most of the work is otherwise taking place off the golf course or underground. Improving the efficiency and effectivness of the irrigation systém was a major project this year and we have achieved it without much complication. Thankfully none of this work has caused any disruption to the golf course over the winter enabling it to have a well deserved rest.

Ahead of the drought

With the the summers getting warmer and dryer more water is needed to keep Albatross in the condition it is known for. We are taking steps to ensure this, so the main resevoir is being expanded by 75% which has involved major earth works, raising the bank 2 meters . On top of this a new efficient pump station will be installed with a new bigger main line irrigation pipe enabling us to get more water on to the course in a shorter ammount of time. We will therefore be able to keep the course in excellent condition without the need to use external water sources.

AlbablogH2We will bring you the Greenkeepers Corner each month, so stay tuned to our blog, and social media Facebook and Instagram. Ben Lovett and his team of greenkeepers are already looking forward to opening the course this spring, i tis going to be an exciting season!