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SNAG courses at Albatross

What does SNAG mean? How does it relate to kids, golf and Albatross? Read more below.

Starting New at Golf

SNAG is an acronym for Starting New at Golf. It is a complex methodology, which brings the fundamentals of golf to any player. The equipment is reminiscent to the one used for golf and you hit balls at a target, so pretty much just like golf. In SNAG the player does not need to focus as much on strength and that gives him an excellent opportunity to focus on accuracy and fundamentals of golf technique, like posture or the basic swing. Major advantage of SNAG is that you do not need a specific ground to play, like you would for golf. You can play in a park, a gym or even your living room, provided it is large enough. You can compete at SNAG, it has it’s own point system and this teaches fair play to the kids.

SnagAlbatrossR1Is SNAG for you?

SNAG is not aimed at a certain age, anyone can play, but it is most suited for children. Starting from a 4 year old, you will find a club that fits. There are five different sizes though and therefore the parent can play just as well as the child. The game does not only teach fundamentals of golf, but nurtures sports skills as such, for example hand-eye coordination. Movable targets give you an opportunity to adjust the „course“ and game setup, so a skilled coach can tailor it to match the abilities of a group.

„SNAG is a combitnation of laughter, running, ball games, competition and of course golf. It gives you an excellent opportunity to introduce your children to golf.“ Anna Krčmářová, SNAG coach

Where can you try SNAG?

SnagAlbatrossR2Albatross golf resort offers SNAG courses for children by certified coaches. Hour long lessons take place twice a week, every Monday at 4PM and every Wednesday at 4:30PM. You can sign up for spring lessons, a series of 13 lessons starting on the 25th of March or an autumn course, which begins beginning of September. Signing up for both beforehand will get you a discounted price. The courses are starting soon, limited capacity, so do not hesitate and sign your kids up for a lesson of SNAG at Albatross!

To learn more about SNAG at Albatross or to sign up for the program, contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.